Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Let's focus on....absolutely EVERYTHING, then post NYE later!

Green seems peaceful, so let's go with it! My babies have missed my mom. Not once have they said "I missed ____", except family. This brings joy and peace to my heart, knowing that ALL of the material things we were providing them in Texas were NOT important! This Christmas was reassurance of that. In Saudi, we have little TV and NO commercials. Any company here has to be a Saudi company. For example, we have Chili's, but it's not advertised as Brinker, it's Saudi Arabian Food Supply (or something). Get it? Last year, about this time, I remember my Jordan asking for Reebok Zig shoes, because they were all over his school campus! I told him I was not buying them, because he had just gotten new shoes, from Academy, two weeks prior to his request. Leave it to Nana to get these much desired shoes for both of the boys for their "Valentine". Jordan was squealing with delight, and Weston had no idea what they were or why he was opening a new pair of shoes as a gift. He had NO IDEA that most boys his age were saving their chore money or dragging their moms to every shoe store in the mall to see this new shoe phenomenom. Well, this innocence that our "little Monster" (as we call him) had, is what all three children had this Christmas. It was wonderful, amazing, and true, Christ filled! Hinley walked around all day on Christmas saying "it's my birthday...Noooo, it's Jesus' birthday". I really hope we don't lose that love for our Lord. I know Adam and I will not, but we MUST work to keep it alive in our children, since we are not at our amazing church every Sunday. By the way, Christ Fellowship, Eldorado or Preston Campus is great if you are in that area!
Okay, back to NANA! So sorry, it is 11:11 here, and I am extremely tired! I have been trying to get as much time in the city in with Mom and the kids as possible before they return to school on Saturday. Today was a whipping! Jordan rarely gets to see the O.TH.ER side of this city, so we took him and the other two littles in a taxi, to Dammam. It is actually another city, but oh well. He wanted to shop...must have Byrd genes in him. Mom was able to see the awful traffic, my life in a taxi with the kids, the lack of English and respect for women, dirty city, and she got locked in for prayer. I thought she might panic. Luckily, the man unlocked the door and let us out to catch our taxi.
This is our first night of the weekend in Saudi, and the kids wanted to have family game night. We played Yahtzee! Jordan asked for the game from Santa, and it is not available here, Bahrain, Dubai or Abu Dhabi...yeah, I went to all of those places. Mom brought it and made a little boy very happy. You should see my account. It is quite fun, actually, to just log on, order and have no idea what I am spending! I shop here in SAR and that order is USD. I never convert anything. I have a monthly allowance I make sure to NEVER go over, and that works. Adam keeps ALL of our REAL money in a different account. I just look at my statement and say "oh, that converted to that much...nice". We are saving a ton of money. I don't shop at all! I have all of Hinley's clothes made at the tailor, because stuff here is not her style at all! It's quite fun to pick out fabric and draw designs. Nana brought many precious dresses too!
These boys played their game, had their shower, brushed their teeth, then fought over who would sleep with Nana. Really? She is going to be here until the 14th!!! I know they have missed her when I see the sad face of the one who has to wait until tomorrow. I make sure to go sneak a peak during naps when they are all piled into MY king sized Tempurpedic. I have offered to give that up for the week, but I am not sure anyone will get any sleep! I hear the sweetest giggles for several minutes before it is finally quiet in the boys' room after lights out. Sweet Hinley just asks that Nana read her this new book over and over before bed, then she WANTS to be in her crib ALONE!
Hopefully tomorrow will be wonderful in the Kingdom. I know it's hard for Mom to be here and try to adjust to our new discipline and see the kids upset or getting in trouble, but they are kids. They will revert back to what they know and try everything to have Nana step in to rescue them.
This is a tidbit going back to how they have adjusted:
Weston is still Weston...if you don't get that statement, then you probably should not be reading this. OR, you can follow along and figure out his personality.
Jordan is adapting very well. His teacher said he is having a hard time "playing sports that have rules" then asked me if he came from a team. Say what???? She said she could tell that he had been a child that never had enemies and was a strong personality, completed work quickly, but she likes to give others a chance to give incorrect answers. I agree. I just do not think that is something to hold against him. I almost sent her the newslink to CT Eddins that I saw on FB about a day after that stating it had been placed in top 3. That explains it...HELLO! Anyway, I think J misses the team sports A LOT! He is in swimming and has private coaching every week by a Ukrainian coach that spotted his natural talent in the pool one day. I must give credit to Adam. Maybe the other two can get a sport from Mama.
Hinley is in tap, jazz, and ballet, and you can't get the girl to stop dancing! She wants to wear tap shoes in the sand. If you were to ask her Big Daddy he would say "she takes after me". Let him think that!
They all bring me great joy, and letting them shine here makes me happier than I have been in a long time! To quote the most Texan girl I know, I am not "happy but JOYFUL!" That couldn't be more true.
When you go into something with a heart full of prayer, searching and open for whatever answer that is, you WILL be JOYFUL, because it is from the LORD. As I said I am tired, but I promise you there is scripture to back this. I will post the scripture that states this as truth!
Thank you all for praying, believing, and encouraging our journey. Please keep reading and posting your comments. They are what makes me happIER!!!
Okay, for the list!
1. You can turn left from the far RIGHT lane, so watch out for me this summer.
2. No seatbelts required.
3. Our car is washed 3 times a week all month for 135 SAR, see previous conversion.
4. I own 6 abayas, because I don't like wearing the same thing everyday.
5. You can get the BEST custom made clothing here for pennies on the dollar, and I love it.
6. If it is below 70 degrees F, people are in earmuffs and a puffer coat...funny!
7. The weather is absolutely gorgeous!
8. A man from Jordan tried to hit on me yesterday. Usually men are RUDE and don't even look you in the eye. He was a pharmacist and asked me when I could return to the pharmacy.
9. This man thought Mom was my friend...awwwww.....
10. I am learning Arabic and have about 20 phrases, the numbers, and these words I learn for you with each posting. If you know, me, this is my 3rd language. I plan to be fluent in 3 years.
Arabic for the day:
saameh' a- to forgive


  1. This is so fascinating to read! What a good experience for your family!

  2. Did you get some ruffle pants made for H? Love your list and I"m NOT surprised you have an abaya for everyday of the week. I"d be the same way!! Are they blinged out??:)